3 Ways To Bring Nature Into Your Life

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Nature is good for you, and that is a fact! It is a source of rejuvenation. Spending time outside helps you feel and think better. It can also ease anxiety, relieve stress, offer a general mood boost…the list goes on and on. For an emotional lift (just in time for a new season), here are three simple ways to bring nature into your life:

  1. Plan your life around nature. Do whatever you can to spend more time outside. Move your morning stretch or yoga routine to your backyard. Cook meals inside, but set the table  for outside.  Make it a habit to get outside within ten minutes of waking up in the morning. Not only will you feel refreshed, your creativity and focus will boost naturally. Besides, what’s better than a walk on the beach or hike in the woods?  
  2. Connect with your food. For an overall healthier lifestyle, cut out junk food and processed food, and only eat real food. Knowing where your food comes from allows for overall more enjoyable bites. Try to purchase organic and local produce, fish, and meats whenever possible. Buying local food has health benefits as local farmers provide access to chemical free produce. And who doesn’t love strolling through a good farmer’s market?
  3. Bring plants indoors. Not only will bringing greenery into your house brighten up the interior, houseplants can also enhance your quality of life. Various plants help purify the air inside and help you to breath easier. Recommended houseplants that require little maintenance include aloe plants, rubber trees, snake plants, and English ivy.

Discover more eco-friendly lifestyle tips with these 7 easy ways to go green. Have any additional suggestions for bringing nature into your life? Suggestions for favorite houseplants that are easy to care for? General healthy lifestyle tips? Comment below.

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    Great tips! One thing I miss about living in Chicago.


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