Après Ski Finds: Powder Clothing

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Powder Clothing is a new venture dedicated to providing fashion forward apparel with a nostalgic feel celebrating ski culture. The concept originates from Powder founder Kyle Chesser’s constant chase for powder days growing up in Cleveland.

Crucial factors for finding epic powder include intense tracking, early wake up calls, and beating the crowds; and that’s exactly the route Kyle has taken for his new clothing line.

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“Starting something from scratch can seem intimidating at first,” Kyle told me. “You have to be willing to take a risk, make a commitment, and not fear failure. The greater risk would be not trying at all. Mistakes are bound to happen, it’s how you respond that makes the difference.”

As any die hard skier knows knows you don’t merely ski powder, you truly immerse yourself in it, which is what Kyle did when he started Powder. He’s traveled across the country searching for the best, helping create his knowledge for the perfect threads to wear before, during, and after an epic powder day. So what about the fashion? That’s where Powder co-founder Angi comes in. The pair collaborate on design, colors, fonts, and graphics for products, which ultimately produces a simple and clean result. Angi and Kyle are the ultimate dream team as they are both brutally honest with one another, an aspect that they believe to have made both their relationship and the company stronger.

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The Powder Clothing line currently includes hoodies, trucker hats, and patches. Think throwback K2 style- with classic red, white, and blue colors and kitschy sayings like “Ski Naked” and “Keep Your Tips Up.” The apparel offers a unique take on apres ski style, ideal for both on and off mountain. Added bonus: all styles are unisex. You can shop the entire line online here.

See you on the slopes!

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