7 Easy Ways to Go Green

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In celebration of Earth Day this week, challenge yourself to learn and practice new ways to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Below are 7 easy ways to go green:

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  1. Shop local. Not only does this improve the local economy, but it also allows you to know the people behind the product and likely receive better customer service.
  2. Eat smart. Locally grown food is easier on the environment. Buying local food also has health benefits as local farmers provide access to chemical free fruits and veggies,  grass-fed meat, and fresh eggs. It’s also important to add more plant-based foods to your diet. Not only will you feel better, it’s healthier for the planet, too.
  3. Bring a bag. Taking your own reusable bags to the grocery store should be a no brainer at this point. It prevents plastic bags ending up in a landfill or in environments that could hurt animals. It can save you money as many grocery stores offer discounts to customers with their own bags.  Ditching plastic bags also saves your house from clutter! Trying to get rid of those old plastic bags? Several grocery stores have recycling bins specifically for plastic bags by the entrance.
  4. Seek out responsible brands. Research before you buy. Read about the company online, look out for responsible brand seals, and seek products that aren’t tested on animals. A few socially responsible brands to applaud are Ben & Jerry’s, Burt’s Bees, Levi’s, Warby Parker, and Whole Foods.
  5. Turn out the lights. Leaving the room? Turn out the lights! Sunny day? Opt for natural light. Not only is natural light good for your body, it also helps naturally awaken your body.
  6. Ditch the plastic bottles. Help reduce the amount of unnecessary plastic water bottles going into overflowing landfills by purchasing a reusable water bottle. S’well founder and University of Colorado at Boulder alumna (go Buffs!) Sarah Kauss, combined fashion with function to create BPA-free, non-toxic water bottles with adorable designs. I love the Aspen bottle and this chic minimalistic palm bottle.
  7. Walk or bike. While it seems convenient to jump in your car to go grab a last-minute grocery item you forgot, it’s much better for the environment (and again your body & wallet) to walk or bike. Don’t have a bike? Check to see if your city or town has a local bike share program.

One tip to celebrate Earth Day: unplug and recharge with an outdoor activity. Go for a hike on a new trail, take an afternoon break with a walk around the neighborhood, or simply plan a picnic in the park. Spending time outside is an easy reminder of why we should all care about protecting the Earth in the first place.

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And don’t forget that technically every day is Earth Day! Keep up with these green tips, and make taking care of the environment a regular part of how you live.



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