Spring Clean Your Body

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No more hibernating: winter is coming over! Spring is in the air. While most people are focused on cleaning their closets and kitchens, the new season is the perfect time to reset and recharge your body. Have you already ditched your New Year’s resolution of getting healthy?  Here are 5 easy steps to spring clean your body:

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  1. HYDRATE! My S’well water bottle is my favorite accessory. I carry it around more than an actual purse. The stylish S’well bottles keep drinks hot or cold for up to 12 hours. All bottles are nontoxic, BPA free, and chic! It’s important to start every morning with a glass of water, because your body is naturally dehydrated upon waking up. Of course I am partial to the Aspen bottle in the destination collection for prints, but I just discovered Gray Malin’s collection and am loving the aspen tree print.
  2. Rest. While resting is an obvious necessity to recharging your body, it is also an indulgent. Make sure you are getting enough sleep every night, and start to get your sleeping habits on a pattern. For more tips on resting and natural sleep tips click here.  hum nutrition supplements spring clean detox
  3. Look into supplements. In the past I was 100% against taking pills or vitamins, but once I tried out a few of Hum Nutrition’s products, I instantly saw a change in my energy levels, skin, and overall body awareness. I started with Daily Cleanse which helps clear you skin and body from toxins. I could feel the difference in my body within three days. I also take Uber Energy to give me an added boost. As someone who can hardly handle coffee, I was nervous that this would give me the shakes, but it does not at all. There are no shaky caffeine effects, but more of a push to help you feel energized throughout the day. I tried Red Carpet and found for me this only works for one day, but works very well- so best to take it the day before an event. It makes your skin GLOW! But when I took it daily, it didn’t seem to have the lasting effects. I am also on week two of Hair Sweet Hair and have already noticed my hair growing! I would recommend trying out one at a time so you can really see if the supplements are making a difference. Use code 11A0FC for $10 when you order through HumNutrition.com   
  4. Taste the (organic) rainbow. Spring means a larger choice of seasonal produce. This season’s produce important to a daily diet includes artichokes, asparagus, avocadoes, carrots, chives, fennel and apricots. Add in some color with blueberries, strawberries, oranges, and lemon. Try to buy local as much as possible, and always opt for organic!show me your mumu activewear bra spring clean
  5. Work it out. 30 minutes a day is all you need. Working out gives you energy and clears your mind, leading to less stress and more productivity. Take advantage of daylights savings and go on a stroll around the neighborhood after work. Try something new this season, and test out a different workout class. It can at least give you an excuse to buy cute new activewear.

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