5 Ways To Help You Naturally Wake Up In The AM

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Learn how to open your eyes naturally in the morning with these 5 easy steps…

    1. Maintain a regular sleep schedule. The first and most important factor is committing to a regular schedule. Establishing a set bedtime and waking up regularly at the same time each morning helps your body get a sufficient amount of sleep on a regular basis. We are notoriously creatures of habit, and tend to find comfort and security in routines. Schedules help your life become more efficient- sleep patterns included!
    2. Natural light is key. While you might be tempted to close all curtains and fight off any bit of light trying to get into your room at night, natural light helps wake our bodies up. Try to keep your curtains or blinds slightly open so your body will slowly awake and adjust to the natural light shining through in the morning. If it’s really messing with your sleep pattern, try sitting next to a window the next time you wake up. Seeing natural light within the first hour of waking up helps vitalize your body’s energy.
    3. No phone in the bedroom. This is a no brainer, but also an issue that many people struggle with. Looking at your phone’s screen can delay your body’s release of melatonin which can lead your body into thinking it’s still daytime. Getting on your phone at night will stimulate your brain when it’s actually time to let it chill. If you use your phone for your alarm, make sure to set it a few hours before going to bed and leave it in another room to physically make you get up in the morning, or  buy an alarm clock.
    4. Stretch! Nothing feels more satisfying and natural to me than stretching first thing in the morning. Stretching in the morning calms your body and reduces stress.It also helps increase the blood flow to all parts of your body, including your brain, to help wake your body up.
    5. Answer the question “why”? Figuring out why you want to get up can contribute to helping you jumpstart the morning. Getting into the habit of waking up naturally in the morning is a satisfying feeling as it allows you to check off items from your to do list or even your wish list. Think: early morning exercise, enjoying a real breakfast, meditation, and daily prep.


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